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You can change your blog style in the settings.yml file.

You’ll find this inside the _data folder – this is where you can set all of the theme options.

theme – choose a format for your blog listings [basic, narrow, grid]

Apply Discounts by Customer Account Automatically with Abra

Unlock targeted discounts with Abra’s new feature that automatically applies promotions based on customer accounts. Ideal for merchants who value rewarding loyalty and managing customer segments, this tool helps tailor discounts directly to your most valued customers, enhancing your promotional strategy without broad discounting. Read More

Use Amped With Abra To Convert New Email Subscribers Faster

Discover how pairing Amped’s high-converting popups with Abra’s seamless promotions can dramatically increase your revenue from new subscribers. Learn to apply discounts to your collection and product page right from your popup. Read More

Free Gift With Subscriptions Powered by Abra

Boost subscription conversions with Abra's new Free Gift with Subscription purchases. Tailor Gift with Purchase promotions specifically for subscription-based products to drive consistent revenue and enhance customer experience, making every subscription more appealing. Read More

Integrate UpCart and Abra To Increase Conversion by 20%

Leverage the new integration between UpCart and Abra to boost your ecommerce conversions by 20%. Discover how combining UpCart's in-cart upselling features with Abra's dynamic pricing can increase your average order value (AOV) and streamline your online promotions. Read More

Abra’s Gift With Purchase – Now Optimized for Apparel and Clothing Brands

Discover the power of Gift With Purchase (GWP) promotions with a multi-variant selection to boost your ecommerce conversions without harming profits. Learn how GWP can increase average order value, drive upselling, and build brand loyalty, inspired by top apparel brands using Abra's platform. Read More

Optimize Promotions for Profitability and Simplicity With Abra’s Powerful Multi-Value Discounts

Abra's Multi-Value Discounts offer a new easy way to optimize your online promotions for profitability and simplicity, allowing for personalized discounts across your product catalog with a single code. Read More