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You can change your blog style in the settings.yml file.

You’ll find this inside the _data folder – this is where you can set all of the theme options.

theme – choose a format for your blog listings [basic, narrow, grid]

Optimize Promotions for Profitability and Simplicity With Abra’s Powerful Multi-Value Discounts

Abra's Multi-Value Discounts offer a new easy way to optimize your online promotions for profitability and simplicity, allowing for personalized discounts across your product catalog with a single code. Read More

A Shopify Insider’s Guide to Increasing Conversion and Why Discount Links Aren’t the Answer

Discover the journey from ex-Shopify Product Manager to ecommerce entrepreneur, overcoming the challenges of shareable discount links with the use of Abra Promotions. Learn how to transform your online store's user experience, increase conversion rates, and make every customer feel like a VIP with personalized, dynamic storefronts. Read More

Leveling up Your Gift With Purchase Strategy to Increase Order Value and Conversion Rate With Abra

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How Shop Solar Achieved a 35% Revenue Increase From Email and Won Over Long Purchasing Cycles

Discover how Shop Solar, a leading e-commerce store for solar solutions, revolutionized its sales strategy with revolving discounts to accommodate the long buying cycle of solar products. Learn how they boosted conversion rates and sales through innovative email marketing and customer-friendly discount applications, paving the way for a successful $100 million sales milestone. Read More

Maximize Your Valentine's Day Profits: A Tactical Guide for Promotions That Work

Maximize your Valentine's Day sales with our comprehensive guide on effective promotions. Learn how to engage customers with strategic offers, leverage the holiday for gifting and self-treats, and boost your ecommerce profits. Discover our tactics for early planning, targeted offers, and understanding customer needs to ensure a successful Valentine's Day promotion. Read More

Unlock the Secrets of Profitable Promotions - The Truth Behind the Numbers

Discover the hidden truths behind profitable promotions and the intricate math that powers them in our latest blog post. Learn why simply lowering prices isn't always the answer to boosting sales, and dive into advanced pricing tactics and metrics that can increase your sales and profits. Read More