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Apply Discounts by Customer Account Automatically with Abra

Apply Discounts by Customer Account  Automatically with Abra

Today we are giving you a powerful new tool to automatically give discounts to specific customers. You can now activate an Abra promotion for a customer once they log in to their customer account on your Shopify store.

With Abra you can target your Gift with Purchase and Multi-Value Discount functions by customer segment to protect against email forwarding and code leaks, or use it to reward key customer groups.

We have added a new promotion visibility option – customer account. This will trigger the Abra promotion and activate the discount when a customer logs in.

We Were Inspired by Industry Leading “Pro” Programs

When we launched Abra’s SDK in 2023 we were quickly surprised by the interesting use cases our merchants have discovered.

We worked with many outdoor brands that had popular programs for professionals, coaches and facility staff. They would work with the folks that had great presence and influence on their customer base, and would give them promotions to further incentivize brand promotion.

We have seen this with fitness brands and personal trainers, snowboarding brands and ski instructors, and CPG brands and influencers.

These brands used the Abra SDK to modernize their Pro programs and dynamically update the pricing on their site when the program members log in, so the time was right to make this feature accessible, scalable and usable to all of our merchants.

Which Customers Are Most Valuable to Your Business

With Abra you can now create a rich experience for any customer segment in your business and easily activate, give access and drive sales.

A couple examples you can create with our new feature

  • VIP sales. Give your VIP customers a promotion when they visit your site and login.
  • Pro and influencers purchase programs. Recruit influencers to your brand and give them a reason to buy and advocate for your brand.
  • Build your own membership program. Create your own “Costco membership” and give those customers a deal when they buy.
  • DIY B2B or wholesale. The biggest cohort of customers by spend might be wholesalers. Now you can give them the simplest way of toggling their special pricing.

How It Works

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Dive into these new features and start leveling up the way you do promotions. For more insights and tips on leveraging Abra for your ecommerce success, check out more content on our Conversion Labs Blog.

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