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Optimize Promotions for Profitability and Simplicity With Abra’s Powerful Multi-Value Discounts

Today we are announcing a feature that we’ve been striving to ship since the day we started Abra – Multi-Value Discounts.

A merchant’s cheat code to increasing revenue, improving the customer experience and best of all – increasing profit margins.

Online Shopping Can Feel Like Coupon Clipping

Think about your last stroll through your favorite retail store. There are products at all price points, a mix of the new season and old, all part of the rich treasure hunt experience that still feels like the exclusive domain of physical retail.

Ironically when shopping online, even luxury retail can feel like you are clipping coupons from a flyer with a disjointed experience of offers for new and repeat customers, discount codes copied and pasted, and napkin math to figure out how much you pay.

Online Shopping Can Feel Like Coupon Clipping

What if Promotions Could Be Optimized for Profit Margins?

I was recently catching up with a friend who is on the executive team of a family of direct to consumer (DTC) brands. He mentioned the frequent arguments between the CFO and the ecommerce managers of several brands.

The CFO saw merchandising as a complex system of high and low margin products, high and low rebuy cycles, and high and low inventory SKUs.

The ecommerce manager is left wrestling with a website that has seconds to capture the attention of a fickle customer. And when they want to drive sales, they have to choose between a simple to understand promotion – say 20% off everything – and a theoretically more profit-friendly strategy that requires the customer to navigate a web of discount codes.

The ecommerce manager most often picks the 20% off because anything more complex will fail in the email inboxes and ads that capture the attention of their customers if it requires multiple discount codes and napkin math.

Thanks to Abra, merchants no longer need to make that difficult choice.

Meet Multi-Value Discounts

With Abra’s new Multi-Value Discounts merchants can mark down their whole product catalog with unique discount values for each product and collection. All delivered to their customer with a single discount code, and dynamically applied by Abra on the collection, product, cart and checkout pages. Allowing VIP pricing or exclusive sale experience that can be turned on with a special link.

Here are a couple examples of what is now possible with Abra.

Examples of Multi-Value Discounts

Examples of Multi-Value Discounts

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Up to X% off sale
In your marketing campaigns you will always want to promote the biggest discount. With Abra you can manage this but also clearly show which discounts are for which products, reinforcing it with dynamic pricing.

VIP End of season sale
When you are truly pushing to clear inventory you will always have more variability by product and also by customer segment. Manage your end of season clearouts more strategically by controlling the access and the discount values for key audiences.

VIP cross-sells
The 10% off discount in a welcome flow is tried and true, but not always an intuitive or desirable customer offer. With Abra you can finetune the product discount to the buying cycle of that specific customer in the flow.

If you want to mark down jackets by 15% and shirts by 20% at the same time, you can give your customer a single code for both. Your customers will see discounts prices according to those offers, and will simply checkout with a single code.

Brand promotions
Your vendors will have their own price sensitivity and spread of costs across their SKUs. Encourage them to co-invest in marketing efforts with you by fine-tuning and limiting access to exclusive pricing to increase engagement.

Setting up Your Multi-Value Discounts

Dive into these new features and start transforming the way you do business today. Optimize your Mothers or Father’s Day promotions for better profit margins with Abra

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