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Free Gift With Subscriptions Powered by Abra

Free Gift With Subscriptions Powered by Abra

At Abra we spend all day thinking about different types of promotions that merchants offer their customers. An area I have always wanted to dig further into is subscriptions, since it is such a large part of my store Bull and Cleaver. Since launching our first Shopify Function, we have been busy working on unlocking different and more powerful promotion types.

Today we’re excited to introduce our latest feature enhancement to our popular Gift with Purchase (GWP) offering – free gifts with subscription purchases.

What’s New?

We’ve tailored our Gift with Purchase feature to specifically target subscription purchases. This means that you can make a free gift available when a customer adds a product with a subscription to cart.

By making GWPs available only on subscriptions, you drive more consistent revenue and build lasting relationships with your customers. Also, it makes the math on the promotion more generous, increasing add to cart rates and subsequently – conversions.

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Why Focus on Subscriptions?

Subscriptions offer a unique opportunity for businesses to ensure a steady income stream while providing customers with convenience and continued value. By coupling subscriptions with exclusive gifts, your offers become irresistible, encouraging more customers to commit to a subscription right from their first purchase.

However, in reality this can be incredibly hard to pull off on the storefront. That’s why we have taken the storefront superpowers of Abra and partnered with our friends at UpCart to make the experience in cart and checkout seamless.

Trying to hack this with Shopify’s buy x get y discount is possible, but Shopify themes, cart and upsell apps aren’t subscription aware – Abra is.

How It Works

Imagine offering an exclusive sample of a new product as a gift when customers subscribe to purchase their favorite items. Not only does this give them a reason to subscribe, but it also enhances their experience, making them feel valued and eager to continue their subscription.

Setting up is simple, check out our walkthrough:

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Ready to kickstart your subscription revenue with a powerful incentive? Head over to your Abra dashboard and set up your first subscription-only GWP today.

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Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to refine and expand our features to help you maximize your ecommerce strategy.

To get help setting this feature up for your store, book a demo with us.

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