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Integrate UpCart and Abra To Increase Conversion by 20%

Integrate UpCart and Abra To Increase Conversion by 20%

Today we are announcing an integration with UpCart that makes an even better converting experience possible with Abra.

UpCart is a highly rated Shopify app that allows for in-cart upsells, product recommendations, rewards, and other AOV increasing features. All from the team behind AfterSell that makes upsells seamless from cart to checkout.

Dramatically Increase Your AOV With UpCart & Abra

Abra works dynamically on the storefront, and we have always interacted with carts, cart drawers, and cart apps. UpCart has been a partner we have worked with because it made integrating dynamic pricing for our merchants easier.

We had merchants asking for the best way to run promotions for their subscriptions and tiers. Without a strong integration with the cart apps, this has been disjointed. With new features from UpCart and a new integration with Abra, this will be much simpler for merchants of all sizes.

How It Works
  • When a customer comes through any Abra link, it automatically updates and displays in the UpCart
  • When a customer reaches a reward tier, the Abra promotion is activated automatically on the storefront
  • Abra dynamically applies the promotion across the collection and product pages increasing your AOV

Here’s a quick demo to see the UpCart integration in action:

What You Can Do With the New Integration

Activate Promotions Across the Storefront and Cart

If you are running a free gift with purchase or percentage off discount, you can have your cart instantly update with the discounted prices from the promotion. This keeps customers engaged and adding products to their cart with the discounted prices while browsing the site.

Dynamic Reward Tiers

When creating a reward tier in UpCart your promotions can now be applied across the storefront, not just in the cart. Practically this would mean when a customer reaches a reward tier, we would automatically apply that reward across the storefront not just in the cart.

Offer Free Gifts for Your Subscriptions

If you want to offer a free gift only based on subscription products added to cart with Abra you can now dynamically have those products added to your cart.

How To Get Setup

Connecting Abra and UpCart

From the Abra settings page you can activate your connection with UpCart. This will make any promotions work seamlessly with UpCart and set up Abra to listen for updates to the reward tier events.

Setting Up Your UpCart Tiers for Dynamic Pricing With Abra
  1. Activate the UpCart integration from the Abra settings page
  2. Create Promotions in Abra for each of the discounts you want to use as Tiers
  3. Add the code of each Abra promotion to the discount code field in your UpCart reward tier
  4. Test your tiers on storefront and see Abra dynamically update prices
Setting Up New Promotion Types With Abra and Aftersell

Dive into these new features and start leveling up the way you do upsells. For more insights and tips on leveraging Abra for your e-commerce success, check out our Conversion Labs Blog.

To get help setting this feature up for your store, book a demo below.

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