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How Abra 2.0 Makes Discounts Impossible to Ignore

abra makes discounts impossible to ignore

If you are running promotions, Abra can help you increase your conversions today.

Abra hooks into your store and allows you to add a link to your marketing campaign that auto-applies the discount on:

  • Any product
  • Any collection
  • Your cart
  • At checkout

Dynamically updating prices on the fly in a fast and scalable way. Now, you can build an experience, not just a landing page. Add flexible sections that increase engagement of the offer and in our tests - increases conversion further.

We know this works, because we tested it with our own stores first and many merchants have also seen great results:

And Abra 2.0 makes it even easier for your store to see similar results. Today you can try the new Abra with automatic onboarding with any Archetype or Shopify theme.

If you have any customizations on your theme or app, drop us a note at and we will be able to recommend a developer or we can do it as well.

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If you are a merchant running promotions, Abra will increase your conversions. Just like it has for the hundreds of merchants already using it.

Why we built Abra

We spent 5+ years building Marketing Tech at Shopify and are passionate about making merchants more money.

Think about this as supercharged Shareable Discounts that work across your storefront.

Being merchants ourselves, we noticed that promotions are a broken link in our ecommerce infrastructure, and we wanted to do something about it.

➡️ Meet the ex-Shopify team crafting the missing building blocks of ecommerce.