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How to Create Shopify Discount Links for Higher-Converting Promotions

How to Create Shopify Discount Links for Higher-Converting Promotions

Discount links are among the most versatile levers at your disposal for growing an ecommerce business. You can use them to reduce customer acquisition costs, improve customer retention, even turn dead stock into higher sales.

All without putting customers through the cumbersome process of remembering and manually entering a discount code.

But it’s not always clear how to create these discount links

For Shopify store owners, there are two ways you can quickly create discount links to power your campaigns:

  1. Using Shopify’s built-in discount links to generate a shareable link for your promotion
  2. Using Abra’s Promotion Links with Shopify to create auto-applied discount links

We’ll walk you through how to create discount links for your Shopify store using each approach, along with the big reason Abra Links work better for all your discount campaigns.

  Shopify Discount Link Abra Promotion Link
Create discount links for all promotion types
Reduces customer support tickets from discount codes
Choose any destination for your discount link
Auto-applied at checkout
Auto-applied on landing page
Auto-applied in cart
Store-wide dynamic pricing
Contextual promotion banner
Conversion rate in A/B Test 10.53% 22.73%
Cost Included with Shopify Starting at $9/month

Shopify’s built-in discount link generator is simple and easy to use once you know where to find it:

  1. Log in to your Shopify admin panel and navigate to Discounts.
  2. Create a discount or select an active discount to edit.
  3. In the discount editor, click the Promote dropdown in the top right.
  4. Select Get shareable link.

    Get Shopify shareable discount link

  5. Choose a landing page for your discount link. Your options will depend on the type of discount and what it applies to.
  6. Copy the link and use it in your email campaign, social media bio, Facebook ad, etc.

Copy the link and use it in your email campaign, social media bio, Facebook ad, etc

Shopify Discount Links are easy to create on your end—the only downside is these links aren’t so easy for your customers to use on their end.

Even if you create a discount link that directs customers to a specific collection page or product page, the customer will have no idea it’s been applied until they hit the checkout page.

Promote a discount using a Shopify shareable link

Alternatively, you can use Abra to create promotion links, which are discount links that solve for this problem, reassuring visitors their discount has been applied at every step and potentially doubling your conversion rates on every promotion you run with next to no work.

Using Abra to double your conversion rate on every promotion

Here’s how to create higher-converting auto-applied discounts using Abra’s Promotion Links.

  1. Navigate to the Abra Auto-Applied Discounts app in your Shopify admin where you’ll see all your promotions and the number of times they’ve been redeemed.

    Create Abra promotion

  2. Click Create promotion and choose the discount type you want to promote.

    Choose discount type you want to promote

  3. Choose an active discount code and click Select Discount to start editing.

    Select discount to create promotion

  4. Edit your popup notification message based on your discount code. Try to get inside the mind of customers clicking the promotion link. Are they coming from TikTok? Is it a New Year campaign? This is a great opportunity to personalize your marketing while reassuring customers that the discount has been applied.

    Edit your Abra popup notification message

  5. Customize your promotion link. Change your discount code and choose your landing page.

    Customize your Abra promotion link

  6. Save your promotion and you’ll see it in your Abra Dashboard.
  7. Copy your promotion link and start using it in your next campaign.

    Copy your promotion link and start using it in your next campaign

A Better Way to Run Discount Campaigns

When you create a discount code, you want customers to use them. Shopify’s built-in discount links can make that process a little bit easier for them, but Abra promotion links make it seamless:

  • Ensuring the discount presented before the click is reflected clearly on the page after the click (and every following click through to checkout)
  • Featuring a personalized CTA banner that stays with visitors as they browse your store
  • Reflecting dynamic pricing on product pages and in the cart based on your discount

A Better Way to Run Discount Campaigns

Eliminating any second-guessing with auto-applied discount links is a small change you can make to all your promotional campaigns that can literally double your conversion rates.

See Abra in action or book a call to learn more about how Abra can help your Shopify store convert better.

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