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The Customer Re-Engagement Campaign That Cleared “Dead Stock” with a 30% Conversion Rate

The Customer Re-Engagement Campaign That Cleared “Dead Stock” with a 30% Conversion Rate


For a clean beauty brand like Bam&Boo, “dead stock” isn’t just an operational liability like it is for most ecommerce businesses—it goes against its core mission as a climate-conscious business.

So the team has found a clever way to turn that excess inventory into an asset by offering it as a free gift with purchase in a customer re-engagement campaign.

Back in March of 2022, they piloted the campaign and saw stellar results. So in September, they gave it another shot—this time focusing on improving the user experience.

Not only did it clear the excess inventory, it also:

  • More than doubled the original campaign’s conversion rate, from 14% to 33% in its Portuguese language segment.
  • Increased revenue generated by 1.5x over the original
  • Reactivated 35 dormant customers with a single email campaign

Bam&Boo (named after the eco-friendly bamboo shoot) is a Portuguese brand that offers natural products intended to make your personal care routine more sustainable. On the business side, that means sustaining customer relationships well beyond the first purchase with subscriptions and repeat purchase incentives.

As a result, the company has grown a large and engaged community over the years of 18,000 email subscribers, 72,000 Instagram followers and 63,000 Facebook page fans.

“Email has always been our strongest channel for reaching out to our community, but we explore other tactics: we recently launched a loyalty program and we communicate with them regularly through our social media channels,” says Carolina Aguiar, User Experience Manager at Bam&Boo who works on store optimization and customer communications.

But as engaged as the Bam&Boo customer community is, one of its biggest opportunities for growth lies in its dormant customers.

Reviving inactive customers with irresistible offers

This segment of inactive customers comprises those who had purchased only one time in the last 365 days OR who canceled their subscription in the last 365 days, an audience which numbers in the thousands.

“We were—and still are—very dependent on discount offers to call back our unengaged customers, which are a segment we really want to keep investing in,” Carolina explains.

“Discounts have played a major role in our overall business strategy. They allowed us to recruit potential customers (customers who signed up for our newsletter but never bought any products), as well as incentivize second purchases or even reward loyal customers.”

So in September of 2022, when the team found it had a surplus of stock for its natural toothpaste product, they came up with a way to feed two birds with one scone.

⭐ THE OFFER: Get a free natural toothpaste, along with a storewide discount for 30% off your next order—today only!

It wasn’t the first time they’d tried this campaign. They ran it back in March and saw strong results with a 14% reactivation rate. But it was the first time they tried it with Abra auto-applied discounts for Shopify.

“Before, we were using Shopify’s built-in discount links. They wouldn’t give us the experience we needed because they would apply the discount at checkout. That wasn’t clear at all for the customer clicking on it,” says Carolina.

“One of our objectives was to give our customers an incredible experience when they enter our store and we thought Abra links could be a strong contributor to that goal.”

—Carolina Aguiar, User Experience Manager at Bam&Boo

The auto-applied discount campaign with a 27% reactivation rate

The Bam&Boo team wanted an offer that made it hard for unengaged customers to say no and an experience that made it easy to add whatever products they wanted to their cart without second-guessing whether the offer would apply.

So they created a discount link for their offer and used it in an email campaign they sent out to this audience localized for its four language segments: English, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish.

Step 1. Send an email to inactive customers about the “30% off storewide + free gift” offer

The email campaign creative spoke to these inactive customers directly and positioned the offer as an exclusive, time-sensitive gift.

It was well-received when landed in their inboxes with a 25% open rate for its largest segment of English subscribers.

Send an email to inactive customers about the 30% off storewide + free gift offer

Step 2. Greet store visitors with a promotion bar reinforcing the discount was auto-applied

When these inactive customers clicked through, they were taking to the website’s All Products page where it would be easy for them to add products.

Where previously, they would have to make it to checkout to see the discount applied, they were now greeted with a personalized banner reinforcing the offer’s messaging:

“Your discount CARE30 has been applied! Get 30% OFF + 1 FREE NATURAL TOOTHPASTE at checkout.”

Greet store visitors with a promotion bar reinforcing the discount was auto-applied

Step 3. Show the new discounted pricing across all products

As store visitors browsed the entire catalogue of Bam&Boo products, all the product prices were displayed to them—and only them—with the 30% discount already applied.

This subtracted any manual math they had to do as they added products to their cart.

“When customers entered the site, they would have all the required information at every step—and also the dynamic pricing with 30% off storewide helped a lot.”

—Carolina Aguiar, User Experience Manager at Bam&Boo

Show the new discounted pricing across all products

Step 4. Reflect the discounted pricing in the cart

As shoppers added products to their cart, it would populate with the discounted prices, maintaining consistency from the email to the product collection page to the cart.

Reflect the discounted pricing in the cart

Step 5. Let customers check out with the discount they expected already applied

Previously, the checkout would be where the discount would first show up for the customer, resulting in hesitation and last-minute order editing.

But because of the end-to-end consistency of the auto-applied discount experience, customers could confidently add to their cart and checkout without any surprises.

Let customers check out with the discount they expected already applied

“Abra makes the process of buying faster and easier. It takes away a lot of the friction that would be there. It makes everything more clear for the customer and a lot less time consuming.”

—Carolina Aguiar, User Experience Manager at Bam&Boo

Want better conversion rates from discounts? Create consistency from first touch to checkout.

For a retention and loyalty focused business like Bam&Boo, discounts aren’t just a tool for acquiring new customers and email subscribers. They’re essential for building a lasting business and engaged based of repeat customers.

This campaign was an improvement over its previous iteration. While AOV remained consistent with the original campaign, albeit slightly higher, this new campaign the conversion rates were 93% to 136% better across all language segment.

For their most engaged Portuguese segment, 1 in 3 clickthroughs from the campaign resulted in a purchase.

Improving the discount experience was a no-brainer, and Carolina says they plan to use Abra across other marketing campaigns and is looking forward to new featured being added over time:

“We believe that Abra auto-applied discount links can definitely help us improve our general results, both in terms of conversion rates and average order value. It enhances the customer experience of our online store.”

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