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If your discount offer isn’t working, don’t make it bigger, make it easier
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Give customers discounts, not codes

Give customers discounts,
not codes

Giving your customers discounts codes to use at checkout often leads to more abandoned carts and support tickets than conversions.

Abra boosts conversions by automatically applying discounts and updating prices dynamically so customers are not left to figure out where or how to use the codes.

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How it works


Create your discount code in Shopify and use Abra to create store widgets to promote the discount

Show, don't tell

Your customers will get a pop-up notification with an applied discount, and the prices will update to reflect that offer


Customers will know what they will pay before they reach checkout, reducing abandoned carts and increasing conversion

Quick look into Abra’s magic
Increase conversions with auto applied discounts
How to add it to your
Archetype theme
Adding an Abra link to your countdown timer will allow your buyers to automatically apply your discount offers to all eligible products in a single click.
Which means a less complicated experience for them, and more conversions for you.
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Apply discounts with Archetype Themes
Create an Abra Magic Link with a Shopify discount
Enable countdown timer in your Archetype Themes
Copy and add Abra Magic Link to your countdown timer button
What others say
Smart app - does something which should be native Shopify functionality, i.e. shows a customer that they are getting discount on landing on a page. Team is also super helpful and friendly to work with
Literal magic! This app does the thing I have wanted to do for so long. Connects your discount campaigns from ad/email/social all the way through the online store right to the checkout. Fewer lost discounts = fewer lost sales!
We just discovered this app to help improve conversions. The dev team is great and super responsive, helped us get this up and running before the Labor Day Weekend. Magic links has definitely improved our conversions this Labor Day weekend when we ran an email campaign to test what sort of improvement we can expect.
Can safely say that the customer experience is much better when they land on the collection and see the products discounted. This helps nudge customers to make a purchase at a cheaper price and much earlier in the process (they make a decision before they reach checkout). Look forward to see new features roll out and testing this out next with ads and into BFCM!