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Abra Discounts Work Better With Archetype Themes

Abra Discounts Work Better With Archetype Themes

Every merchant we talk to is prepping for Black Friday. They’re optimizing their stores, planning their promotions, and picking new themes that’ll help them make the most of the big day. We know that merchants will do anything to get more customers to checkout when it matters. Which is exactly what we do at Abra.

In case you don’t know, Abra is an app that uses auto-applied discounts and real time pricing updates to help merchants get more out of every ad, email, and campaign.

When we thought about ways that we could help more merchants have their most successful BFCM ever, we naturally thought about integrating with themes to help make discounts more effective by default. And when we were thinking about who to work with, Archetype Themes were the first people we called.

Archetype Themes are the leader in Shopify’s theme store, specializing in building beautiful themes that convert. And they’re the theme developers trusted by some of our early merchants - stores like Inktuitive and Pika Layers.

Which is why today we’re announcing two big features for merchants using Archetype themes Expanse, Impulse, Motion and Streamline.
  1. Dynamic pricing right out of the box without any additional setup
  2. Abra can be used in the Archetype’s promotion bar and new countdown timer feature

How it works

Archetype’s new countdown timer recently launched, just in time for Black Friday. With Abra, you can not only tell merchants about the promotion but show them as well.

Adding an Abra link to your countdown timer will allow your buyers to automatically apply your discount offers to all eligible products in a single click. Which means a less complicated experience for them, and more conversions for you.

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If you’re not using an Archetype theme yet, you can check out their collection of new themes to get access to these great integrations and other optimizations built to help you convert. You can also follow Archetype Themes on YouTube or Twitter for future updates.