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Three Gift-with-Purchase Tactics for Maximized Profits

The countdown to Black Friday has begun, signaling a prime opportunity for businesses to maximize their sales.

To get the most out of this shopping moment, it’s crucial to devise offers that not only entice customers but also enhance the value of each purchase.

Here are three strategic approaches to consider that can help make your Black Friday not just busy, but also more beneficial for your bottom line:

Incentivize with a Well-Chosen Freebie

Incentivize with a Well-Chosen Freebie

Start by evaluating your average order value to identify the perfect complimentary item.

For instance, if customers typically spend around $74, consider what product of yours can be offered as a free gift that’s enticing yet cost-effective. For example, a snack pack that represents a 13% cost to you could be ideal.

To personalize the experience, diversify your offerings by customer preferences, perhaps by introducing them to a flavor they haven’t sampled before. This approach not only rewards customers but also encourages them to explore your range further.

Boost Average Order Value with Upsells

Boost Average Order Value with Upsells

Encourage customers to spend a little more by presenting a tempting upsell for orders above a certain amount, such as one targeting beyond the free shipping mark.

A more substantial product as a gift can nudge customers to hit that higher price point. Although it may cost more, the increased sales volume will likely offset the expense and contribute to your overall sales goals.

Create Emotional Connections

Create Emotional Connections

Gifts that resonate on an emotional level can be powerful.

For example, a simple gesture offering something unique, personal or not available anywhere can feel special. Recently, we experimented giving away a free sticker to celebrate South Africa’s Rugby World Cup win. Such items may be low in cost but can be invaluable in fostering customer loyalty and enhancing the perceived value of their purchase.

These promotional strategies are designed to enrich the customer experience and, in turn, your Black Friday success. Tailor these ideas to fit your brand and customer base, and you’re likely to see not just a rise in sales but also in customer satisfaction.

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